CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Philadelphia, PA

Expert Technology Associates is the leader in Philadelphia computer telephony integration services. CTI is the unique marriage of your computer and your telephone system. At its most basic use, CTI is an application that allows your computer to become a personal call center as you dial, answer or terminate calls all from your desktop. A CTI service enhances your communication and puts the focus on important areas like customer service.

Can a CTI system really improve Customer Service?

In this atmosphere of competition every business needs to keep their current customers satisfied and continually attract new customers. A computer telephony integration system allows your employees to spend more of their valuable time building relationships and providing excellent personalized customer service.

What is a “screen pop”?

Screen population (“screen pop”), is a feature of our CTI system, which displays the customer record to the call center agent's computer screen. With our CIT service, the agent can begin the call with all the relevant data at their fingertips and can personalize the experience by answering the call using the customer’s name.

How does CTI authenticate callers to determine which information to display to the call center agent?

In conjunction with IVR (interactive voice response) CTI (computer telephony integration) can determine how to process a call (forwarding it to the appropriate person or department with all relevant data). Additionally, the telephone number of the caller can be automatically screened against a database.

Can CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) reduce costs?

Absolutely! There are several ways that computer telephony integration can provide cost savings.

  1. Automatic data transfer, part of the CTI service, reduces call times allowing agents to answer more calls.
  2. Your CTI system can be fully integrated with your current customer relations management (CRM) system for improved efficiency.
  3. A Computer Telephony Integration system makes work easier for your agents. Screen pops lead to less customer frustration, reducing agent stress. High levels of agent satisfaction lead to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Let Expert Technology Associates use advanced technology tools to provide a seamless integration of your computer and telephony service. Through consultation we can determine the computer telephony integration system that will work for your business. Our vast experience serving Philadelphia, PA can be put to use in any area of the country.

Call today to determine if what CTI system/service is right for you!