Digital Business Phone System, Philadelphia, PA

How can you simplify communications, enhance customer service and reduce costs? Is your current business phone system meeting your needs?

Let’s evaluate your business telephone requirements. At Expert Technology Associates, our experience serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is unmatched. We can help you determine the best way to improve your telecommunications systems.

Can I really save money by evaluating my phone system?

Our experts can help you navigate through complex terminology to discover if the business phone system you are using is the most optimum solution for your business. Many companies are overpaying for services they are not fully utilizing. A thorough review of your current phone service is the first step.

How can I tell which system is better for my business, a digital phone system or VoIP?

Through consultation, Expert Technology Associates can provide information to help you determine which digital business phone system is right for your company.

A digital business phone system is also called a key system or KSU (key system unit). This type of phone system is suitable for smaller companies with 5 to 40 employees. Key systems have routing software, housed in a unit and use the public switched telephone network (PTSN) or landline system to route calls. Digital phone systems can be rich in features, offering great value to a small business.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a means of converting a caller’s voice to data and transferring it via the Internet. Voice over IP phone systems can provide comparable service to traditional or PTSN based phone systems.VoIP requires a high speed internet service.

There are also other options. Expert Technology Associates can help you leverage your existing infrastructure by customizing a hybrid system; a combination of digital business phones and VoIP.

Call Expert Technology Associates today! Whether you are located in metro Philadelphia, PA or across the country we can help you decide if a digital business phone system fits your needs. Contact us today for your free evaluation.