IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony, Philadelphia, PA

How does IP telephony work?

IP telephony is a means of sending voice over the Internet as an alternative to public switched telephone network (PSTN). Calls travel along the Internet as packets of data on shared lines to avoid the tolls of the PSTN and save the consumer money.

An IP telephone uses software to convert voice into small pieces of data (the packet), which is then sent via the Internet. Once the information reaches its destination the data is then converted back into voice. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a type of internet software that is increasing in popularity because its ability to significantly reduce communications costs.

How can IP Telephone or VoIP Internet Software help my business save money?

VoIP eliminates the use of PSTN’s reducing the cost of long distance calls. IP Telephony is software based. This allows your employees to have access to a wide range of features to enhance efficiency and increase productivity. Do you have clients outside Philadelphia, PA? VoIP internet software allows employees to video conference with clients or partners and save on travel costs.

I’m reluctant to make the leap to IP Telephony for my business. Isn’t reliability still an issue?

VoIP is extremely reliable when you are using a good system. Of course, you must have reliable access to the Internet. Expert Technology Associates can evaluate your business communication needs and help you choose the VoIP system that is right for you.

Is IP Telephony difficult to use?

No. In fact IP telephony is known for its ease of use. Because VoIP has the ability to integrate voice and data networks into a single cohesive network, moves, add ons, and changes are very simple to accomplish. And, given its internet software based nature, relocating a phone or changing phone numbers (very costly in a traditional phone system) is no longer required when an employee leaves.

We are planning to expand in the future. Is it possible to add more phones to our system?

VoIP is fully scalable. As IP Telephony is dependent on internet software, the integration of other services and applications is simple. Adding more phones to your network is quick and easy and does not require additional lines.

Expert Technology Associates can help you choose an IP Telephony solution that works for your business. Whether you are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or across the nation, we offer innovative communication solutions to benefit your business. Call us today!