IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Philadelphia, PA

IVR is a technology which allows customers immediate access to data or information through an automated telephone system. Historically, interactive voice response systems have used recorded voice prompts and menus to give callers different options. Customers typically interact with an IVR by making touch-tone keypad selections. Many IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems now use Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR), a tool used with IVR, which enables callers to use vocal commands.

Customer Service Benefits of an IVR System

  1. IVR improves customer satisfaction by making routine inquiries and services available to the public 24/7.
  2. In a “do-it-yourself” nation, interactive voice response is the foundation for the increasing popularity of self service.
  3. Though the information collected by the IVR system, calls can be routed to the most appropriate agent, the first time around, without call transfers.

 Cost Reduction Benefits of IVR

  1. An Interactive Voice Response system’s automatic data collection reduces the amount of information your agent needs to collect from the customer. This reduces call duration and increases efficiency, putting more money in your pocket.
  2. Reduced call durations allows your business to increase call volume without adding personnel.
  3. IVR relieves pressure on live agents by minimizing workload. Agents can give greater focus to customers require more detailed assistance than the interactive voice response system can give them. This leads to increased agent productivity.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Expert Technology Associates can design the Interactive Voice Response system that is right for your business. Design is the key element in an efficient IVR system. We have all been frustrated by a poorly designed menu system.

Keys to a well designed IVR(Interactive Voice Response)

  • Get your customer the information they need.
  • Use the fewest number of steps to retrieve their information.
  • Ensure the security and logistical needs are met.

Let our experience work for you. We can design an IVR system tailored to the needs of your business. Call us today in Pennsylvania for a free evaluation to determine if there is an interactive voice response system that meets your needs.