PBX (Private Branch Exchange), Philadelphia, PA

A PBX is the device that connects your phones to each other and to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) via trunk lines. The PBX system acts as a switchboard. Traditionally, a business would lease separate telephone lines for each extension, including phones, faxes and peripherals. A PBX system used with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) allows the business to reduce the number of leased lines, driving down telecommunication costs.

A Brief Evolution of PBX

  • Originally, businesses use analog PBX’s to allow employees to make calls within their own building or connect to an outside line bypassing the receptionist.
  • Additional flexibility is added to the PBX system to enhance the existing communication system. PBX systems begin to be integrated with computer technology, making call handling and administration easier.
  • The digital age of PBX also brings valuable functions and greater reliability.
  • The explosion of the virtual business world leads to the integration of voice and data-VoIP is a function of the integration of voice and data. The PBX becomes the virtual PBX or IP PBX. This evolution rises to facilitate the needs of employees working in a variety of geographical locations: in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office, on the road, at home or abroad.

The Speed of Virtual Business

Gone are the days of 9am to 5pm. Business hours are now 24/7. Employees must manage their business communications from every location at all hours of the day including accessing messages, emails, faxes and live phone calls. This is possible using a virtual PBX system and VoIP telephone service. These virtual business systems integrate voice and data networks into a single system, reducing costs, and improving functionality.

The main benefits of a virtual VoIP PBX System are:

  • Elimination of hardware with the VOIP service.
  • Reduction of cost using a VoIP system for long distance.
  • The virtual system is fully scalable.

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