Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone System Provider, Philadelphia, PA


Voice over IP is a way to transfer voice data using an Internet connection rather than the standard public switched telephone network. Voice over IP phone systems are quickly becoming the gold standard in IP telephony due to their efficiency and cost reducing abilities. Expert Technology Associates is the premier service provider of VoIP phone systems to metro Philadelphia, PA.

Let Expert Technology Associates, a premier phone system and service provider take your communication system to the next level with a Voice Over IP service that is simple, affordable, and reliable.

  • Voice over IP systems can integrate high quality voice and video with high-speed data services in one manageable solution.
  • Manage your presence from any location and ensure that customer calls reach your agents - whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home.
  • Take control of your communication services, whether they are voicemails, emails, or faxes through a single interface. Your computer or your phone becomes your one stop portal, from anywhere in the world.
  • Utilize powerful integrated voice over IP communications for optimal collaboration with your employees or clients.

How can Voice Over IP phone service reduce communication costs?

  • Voice Over IP Reduces Long Distance Fees
    Perhaps the main advantage of a voice over IP phone system/service is the ability to save you money on long distance calls. Voice Over IP service avoids phone lines and the long distance phone charges associated with a traditional phone service provider.
  • Voice Over IP Reduces Travel Costs
    The ability to effectively communicate via our online conferencing system/service will allow you to spend less on travel and related costs.
  • Voice Over IP Increases Productivity
    You can easily add, move or change phone extensions to increase the flexibility and productivity of your agents with a Voice Over IP service provider. Employees can work in multiple locations and have access to all their telecommunication needs.

As a Voice over IP service provider in the Philadelphia, PA area, Expert Technology Associates can customize the Voice Over IP phone system that is uniquely right for you. With more than 1800 clients in Pennsylvania and nationwide we have the experience to design, install and support your VoIP phone service.

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