Audio, Video & Web Conference Call Services

Companies everywhere are rethinking the way they operate to adapt to today's highly mobile, streamlined business environment.  Travel budgets have been slashed, people are scheduling face-to-face meetings less often, and companies are rapidly growing their remote workforce, leaving fewer employees "in the office."          

That's why many businesses have turned to Audio, Video & Web conferencing to keep collaboration going and productivity up - All while reducing unnecessary spending.  However, at ETA we find that most companies are not realizing the maximum financial gain and productivity boosts possible.  In fact, most don't even know what options are out there and why each would make sense for their business. 

Get the Conference Call Experts to work for you.

At ETA, we've matched hundreds of companies with audio, video & web conferencing solutions that helped reduce their expenses and enhance efficiency.   We work with you to thoroughly examine your conferencing needs, understand your budget, and perform a comprehensive audit of your current conferencing services.  We then work as your advocate by leveraging our relationships with 50+ service providers to offer a solution that delivers the specific functionality you need at the lowest possible price points.  

However, if you've already done your due diligence and selected the perfect conferencing solution for your business, we can still often help reduce your expenses. Because of our preferred relationships with many leading service providers, we can offer some of the lowest rates on industry-leading services such as WebEx and Microsoft LiveMeeting.  

Premise-Based or Hosted Conferencing: Which is best for my business?

There are many factors companies should consider when deciding to purchase a premise-based conferencing solution or use a hosted provider like VoxNet Conferencing, WebEx, or Microsoft LiveMeeting, such as:

  • How many calls are internal vs. external
  • Frequency of calls
  • How much bandwidth you're willing to dedicate to calls
  • What level of customization and control you need 

That's why we suggest scheduling a free evaluation with an ETA Audio, Video & Web conferencing expert to thoroughly examine your needs and budget and determine which solutions fit your business best. Check out our premise-based and hosted conferencing pages for an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.