ETA in the Community: Back to School

At Expert Technology Associates, we live by a strong set of core values. We believe in doing for one what you wish we could do for one hundred. It is not always a big event and it doesn’t always generate a lot of attention and recognition; sometimes it’s just about helping others when you see a need. That is exactly what our team recently did.

While one of our managers was on routine client visits, one of our low-income housing clients really connected with him on a personal level. When she talked about her tenants, her love and devotion to helping them live a better life left an impression on him. Her tenants are good people in not so great situations. She recognizes how hard they work and her goal is to help them get back on their feet. A lot of the assistance she gives comes out of her own pocket for things like food and school supplies for the children.

When the manager was out shopping for school supplies for his own son a few days later, he remembered the kindness and the giving nature of our client. He decided to purchase school supplies to donate to her. The next day, he told the story to our human resources department and asked if ETA would consider matching his donation. Not only did we match it, but almost tripled it!

With a car full of new school supplies, he made an unscheduled visit to the client. When she saw the offering he was making, she was overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of all parties involved.

It wasn’t until our manager ran into the client outside of the business environment that the true impact of both his actions and the company’s sank in. At the local farmer’s market with his son, he saw our client and she excitedly introduced her daughter and said, “This is the kind man that donated all of the supplies.”

It was in that moment that he was able to see the effect on not only the client and her daughter, but also on his own son. He was able to teach his son a valuable lesson about helping others and giving back to your community, not for the recognition, but for the kindness it shows others.  



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