Carrier Escalation List

For assistance with any service or technical issues relating to your phone/Internet service provider, please follow the steps outlined below:
Level 1: You need to report a service or technical issue, or follow-up on a previously reported issue:
By Phone: Call the Help Desk at 610-828-0800.  When prompted:
    * Press 3 for service, then choose one of the following:
          - To report a new issue Press 1. You are directed to a sub menu
                + For emergencies, Press 1
                + For IT or computer related non-emergencies, Press 2
                + To place a non-emergency service call, Press 3
          - To check the status of a previously reported issue Press 2

By Email: Submit a summary of your issue and a phone number where you can be reached to

Level 2: You need additional assistance beyond what you’ve received from the Help Desk or are unable to contact the ETA representative working on your request. 
Contact our Service Manager, Eric Yeager, at:
    * 484-533-2434 (Direct)

Level 3: You need additional assistance beyond what the Service Manager was able to provide, or are unable to reach the Service Manager.
Contact our VP of Carrier Services, Bill Quinlan, at:
    * 484-533-2450 (Direct)