Cloud-Based VoIP Services

Cost Savings. Scalability. Redundancy. Ease of Administration. Rich functionality. These are all reasons more and more people are utilizing cloud services and moving their phone system "out of the server room" and "into the cloud."

However, with literally hundreds of companies offering Cloud-based (Hosted) business phone services, what truly separates ETA's Cloud-based (Hosted) VoIP is the quality of our network and our ability to custom-tailor plans to each company's needs and budget. It's because of our partnership with VoxNet that we can deliver this high-quality, personalized approach.

Enterprise-Class Technology

Let's face it: Cloud-based (Hosted) VoIP has gotten a bad name because of problems with sound quality and reliability. That's because most providers use network technology designed solely to carry data, which is much less bandwidth-heavy and complex than voice. VoxNet uses carrier-grade Voice over IP (VoIP) technology specifically designed to handle the demands of business-class voice traffic.

Of course, ETA offers something most providers can't offer: A team of system engineers, technicians and help desk specialists with decades of networking expertise and hundreds of combined industry certifications to design and support the VoxNet Cloud-based (Hosted) solution you choose.

Customized Cloud Services for YOUR Business

At ETA, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" philosophy. That's why we let you choose how to design and pay for your Cloud-based (Hosted) VoIP platform.  Unlike many providers who offer fixed plans with cloud services (and even hardware!) you may not want or need, with ETA you have access to several flexible options that can be tailored to your business and budget requirements.

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