Contact Center Solutions

Contact centers come in all shapes and sizes. To meet the needs of internal “customers,” some departments in large organizations even perform a contact center role without thinking of themselves as contact centers.

At the other end of the spectrum are enterprise-class operations that might have agents at multiple sites worldwide, and even virtual agents working from home in locations all over the globe. They require automated interaction, advanced routing, workforce management tools, and a whole array of other capabilities to work effectively.

Whether it is a department, an enterprise, or something in between, Priority Number One for the contact center is ensuring that customers get the kind of service they need to build and maintain profitable relationships that empower customers, enhance agent productivity, provide robust reporting and help streamline operations.

ETA has contact center solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Contact Center Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

At ETA, we understand that small and mid-sized businesses have much different needs than large enterprises. That's why we provide several solutions, such as the contact center services within the VoxNet Unified Cloud Communications™ platform, the Mitel Customer Service Manager (CSM), or the Mitel Contact Center Business Edition for smaller businesses that still have complex needs and high call rates.

Enterprise Contact Center

ETA also offers several Enterprise-scale contact center solutions, that are robust, highly flexible and that deliver feature-rich, web-based call applications to the most sophisticated contact centers, including virtual contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents.

Choosing the right contact center solution for your business is vital, but can be incredibly confusing at best. Contact us today to schedule a free contact center consultation.