Email Continuity & Spam Filtering

Over 75% of all businesses will experience a major, non-disaster related email outage every year.

Since over 70% of a company's business-critical data resides in its messaging systems, even a brief email outage typically proves harmful to productivity and profits.    

ETA's Email PoweredUp!™ helps keep your email up and running by providing instantaneous, Web-based access to send and receive email in the event of an outage.  We also help safeguard your assets with best-of-breed spam filtering and virus protection - all for about the same or less than the cost of spam filtering alone!

We've got you covered.
At ETA, we take our commitment to keeping your Email PoweredUp!™ very seriously.  That's why we proactively communicate any outages to you and provide a helping hand to get you back up and running as soon as possible.  For day-to-day issues, our skilled team of technicians, engineers and network specialists are only a phone call or email away.  We can even provide on-site assistance if we can't resolve your problem remotely.

Contact us today to learn more about how to stay productive and keep your company's reputation safe with Email PoweredUp!™.