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To remain competitive in today's tough economy, companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to boost productivity, save money and secure their critical assets. That's why ETA introduced our monthly eBulletins. Each month, we share industry insights and best practices that help reduce costs, enhance efficiency and help ensure your business stays up and running. To read about a specific topic, filter by solution category. Or, scroll through the monthly eBulletins below:
Whether you have a sophisticated 'Internet of Things' strategy and need, or are just migrating to the Cloud like the rest of the world, there’s no denying how critical the Internet is to today’s business. A company like ETA understands how vital this connection can be and will work as your advocate to design a secure and reliable Internet solution with the necessary bandwidth to support your specific business needs.
By matching your specific business conferencing needs with the most appropriate solution, all while reducing expenses and enhancing efficiency, you can integrate one of the most critical components into your business communications platform - Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing.
In light of the numerous major security breaches over the past couple of months, creating a communications security strategy for your business has become a necessity. What does this strategy include, and how can you develop your own? Find out here!
We predicted this year would bring significant development to Cloud technology, allowing software, infrastructure and platform “as a service” offerings to emerge and flourish. Whether you realized it or not, the “as a service” trend became a part of everyone’s everyday existence this year, both personally and professionally.
By empowering your employees with the necessary resources to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently, you can help enhance your customer experience and improve the overall productivity of your business. This is where Unified Communications (UC) comes into play.
Businesses have become increasingly aware of the benefits and advantages of implementing voice documentation into their business communications strategy. When documenting all phone-based communications with your customers you can control liability threats, improve employee performance, enhance the quality of your client interactions and develop an archiving tool all in one shot.
Many companies don’t realize that their business communications platform is as important to their company’s success as their cell phone is in their personal lives. Just like cell phones, your business communications platform requires ongoing maintenance and care for both its hardware and software to ensure it continues to run at peak performance while keeping your organization up to date with the latest communication and collaboration technology.

Last October, Gartner predicted that 2013 would be the year that mobile devices overtook PCs as the most common Web access tool. 

Though we'll have to wait until the end of the year to learn if this prediction became reality, with the ever-increasing adoption rate of mobility technology, including smartphones and tablets, it's safe to assume that the race will at least be neck-in-neck.

Over the past few years, "The Cloud" has revolutionized the business communications marketplace. While many businesses once avoided Cloud-based VoIP due to concerns about reliability, call quality and functionality limitations, it has now become the delivery model many organizations view as their first choice when evaluating a new solution.

The term “Contact Center” typically evokes an image of hundreds of agents with headsets, answering call after call, with statistics like “calls in queue”, “average speed to answer”, and other call information flashing up on screens all over the office. However, though there are literally millions of contact centers that fit that description, the fact of the matter is that most companies have a Contact Center in-house, though it certainly doesn’t resemble that stereotypical image.