How can you be sure you’re getting the most value out of every dollar you spend? At ETA, our goal is to increase your company’s overall efficiency and profitability though our vetted auditing and oversight practice offering. Our systematic, fact-based approach for supply-base optimization lets you realize a 15-20% hard dollar cost reduction, while maintaining and or improving current service metrics.

As with all our practice areas, ETA takes a partnership approach to our strategic sourcing and procurement suite. Our consultants are focused on total cost of ownership, considering client needs, business requirements, and market conditions.

Only ETA brings you:

  • Reactive vendor-base offering limited ongoing value recommendations
  • Restricted transparency into operating costs and active vendors
  • Current procurement resources constrained and/or highly burdened
  • Expansive vendor base that provide overlapping services
  • Internal ability to quickly drive hard dollar impact
  • Diminished contractual obligations and exposure to “evergreen” clauses

Complementing our strategic sourcing suite is ETA’s procurement strategy. With this program, ETA keeps vendors accountable to agreed-upon pricing, mitigates spend with non-core vendors, generates usage reports to track line item spending, and provides ongoing recommendations to deliver additional savings and continually optimize targeted expenses.

Benefits of ETA’s procurement offering include:

  • Consistent communication with select vendors
  • Dedicated resources providing monthly reports
  • Mitigation of price creep and/or vendor base expansion
  • Savings validation
  • Ongoing recommendations for continuous improvement

To learn more about ETA’s strategic sourcing and procurement suite, click here.