Load Balancing & Automatic Failover

Protecting Internet continuity is crucial. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries depend on the Internet and can’t afford to be cut off from it for any significant amount of time. Since voice is now primarily delivered over the Internet (VoIP), ensuring continuous uptime is more critical than ever.

ETA’s Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ keeps your Internet connection up and running by transparently combining multiple Internet links (T1, DSL, Cable, 3G/4G Wireless, etc.) to aggregate bandwidth, load balance and provide automatic failover across all connections for both outbound and inbound traffic. Best of all, since ETA manages the service for you, there’s no expensive equipment to buy, maintain and upgrade, or staff needed to maintain the solution. Plus, we work with your IT staff or outsourced IT team, not in place of them. For one low monthly fee - About the same as most companies charge for one hour of on-site technical support, your business gets a host of benefits, including:

Outbound/inbound internet load balancing & failover:

Virtually every critical business function relies on outbound Internet communication: email, ERP/CRM systems, VoIP communications, video conferencing, and more. Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ helps you stay continuously connected with the bandwidth you need by aggregating multiple connections to form an ultra-high speed network pipeline. This gives you the flexibility to fine tune your network by utilizing our customizable, Enterprise-grade load balancing algorithms and provides business continuity via automatic link failover to all available connections.

Of course, load balancing and automatic failover are just as important for inbound traffic for many businesses - Yet most solutions fail to address them. Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ empowers you to host servers with confidence and improve the end-user experience by enabling visitors to enter your servers via different Internet links. This delivers faster response times and more speed for hosting email, e-commerce, VoIP and other business applications.

Site-to-Site VPN Bonding:

VPN is a must for companies with multiple offices.  Document sharing, ERP/CRM system access, and shared applicaitons are just a few of the common ways VPN is deployed.  While traditional Internet-based VPNs can be easily set up, they are prone to interruption caused by connectivity failures and slowdowns due to limited bandwidth.

Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ uses site to site bonding to eliminate these problems.  Unlike traditional VPN, our technology establishes and bonds traffic among multiple VPN connections. Encrypted with 256-bit AES, this lets you connect multiple locations with military-grade protection.  When an Internet connection fails, the VPN failover dynamically switches traffic to the active connections, maintaining uninterrupted VPN service.