Managed Phone Systems

Purchasing, installing and continuously updating your business’ voice and data communications system can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. That’s why ETA introduced ETA MyWayTM, a managed services program that allows your business to take advantage of all the solutions and services you need—without the cost and complexities of owning and running it yourself. 


When you select ETA MyWay, we start by getting to know your business and understanding your needs. You will be matched with a MyWay Expert who will design a solution tailored to meet your exact technology objectives. This personalized approach enables your business to secure the products and services that specifically fit your company’s voice and data needs. With ETA MyWayTM you can take advantage of the following features: 

Technology Refresh Program
As one of the most popular services of the ETA MyWayTM plan, the Technology Refresh Program enables your organization to take advantage of emerging technology and applications as business needs dictate. It allows you to upgrade your equipment and services at 24 months from the original installation date without incurring penalty fees. As a result, your business is not inhibited by outdated technology that limits growth and improvement.

Tech Support at Your Fingertips 
A ResponseSquad technical support team is dedicated to each ETA MyWay account. The squad is guaranteed to respond to requests in less than 90 minutes, 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

One Fixed Monthly Payment
Instead of multiple bills for each individual technology solution, ETA MyWay consolidates everything into one easy monthly payment, which includes all maintenance service, parts and labor. That means no annually increasing maintenance fees and no guessing how much you will pay each month.

Additional Features Include: 

  • Unlimited End User Training
  • Help Desk Support and Remote Access Services
  • Fixed Monthly Pricing for commonly added items
  • No Installation Charge for Add-ons
  • Base System Software upgrades
  • Acts of God coverage – no insurance claims needed
  • System Database Backups performed and stored off site
  • Site Relocation Discount
  • Priority Customer Service and Help Desk Queues
  • Annual Technical System Review
  • Half Fee Program Extension

Learn More
To learn more about ETA MyWay, contact us here. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have about managed phone systems and other business communication solutions that can benefit your business.