A System That Can Scale With an Expanding Business

Interstate Connecting Components (ICC) is a leading supplier of military and industrial electronic connectors, connector accessories and tools, cable marking systems and supplies, and interconnect contacts.

Though founded in 1985 as a small family owned wholesaler, ICC quickly grew to require a space larger than the condo it was founded in. Within a year, the company moved to a facility with 1,500 square feet. Shortly after, it moved again to a space with 7,500 sq ft.  Again they moved to a space with 14,000 sq ft, then to 21,000 sq ft.  Finally they moved to a facility with 36,000 sq ft. During this period of growth and change, ICC partnered with Expert Technology Associates, a business communications provider that could grow and move with them.

When the time came for ICC to move again – this time to a 60,000 square foot facility – they wanted to increase their voice and data system bandwidth to meet the new facility’s needs, but they also wanted a system that could scale with their business as they continued to expand.

Interstate Connecting Components (ICC)

Interstate Connecting Components ICC Case Study