Many companies have turned to Audio & Web Conferencing to keep collaboration going and productivity up – All while reducing unnecessary travel and “in person” meeting expenses.  However, at ETA we find that most businesses are not realizing the maximum financial gain and productivity boosts audio & web conferencing services can provide.

There are many important factors to consider when evaluating the quality and cost effectiveness of your Audio & Web Conferencing solution, including:

  • What role conferencing plays in your overall technology strategy and budget
  • How many internal and external conferences you hold and how often
  • What types of calls & online meetings you hold (Press conferences, mass
    marketed Webinars, “town hall” sessions, etc.)
  • How much of your bandwidth you’re willing to dedicate to conferences
  • How many International participants attend your conferences and how you
    accommodate them
  • Functionality preferences, including what level of per-session customization
    and control you desire

That’s why we suggest scheduling a conferencing value analysis with ETA.  We work with you to answer these questions and more to understand exactly what you need from your conferencing solution.

We then work as your advocate by helping you understand what conferencing technology (Premise-Based, Web-based/Hosted, or a combination of both) and service providers best meet your requirements and design a solution that gives you the specific functionality you need at the lowest possible price points. We also perform a comprehensive audit of your current services and show you how they stack up against our recommendations.

Even if you’ve already done extensive research and selected a hosted conferencing solution, we can often still help reduce your expenses.  Because of our preferred relationships with 20+ service providers, we can offer some of the lowest per minute rates for popular hosted conferencing platforms like Cisco WebEx and Microsoft LiveMeeting.