Often times, business communications technologies are such that a singular product only provides a singular service, causing you to have to dig into your budget for each different voice application, data tool and bandwidth solution.

So, when struggling with both voice and Internet costs, how can you get the most bang for your buck while still ensuring quality of service? One exciting technology that has provided this very solution for many businesses is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking.

Enhanced Voice

SIP Trunking allows businesses to send voice and data communications, both internally and externally, over the Internet instead of the regular telephone network. This is a departure from traditional Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, which have to translate internal IP communications before they can travel – as voice communications – over phone lines.

Not only does SIP enhance traditional VoIP by sending communications more directly over the Internet, but it also supports any form of real-time communication, including video, instant messaging and collaboration applications. As a result, you’re able to go beyond just voice, with:

  • Presence Information – SIP enables users to inform others of their presence information, including their availability and the best way to contact them.
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) – Improve call handling flexibility/efficiency with a DID line for every employee.
  • Unified Communications (UC) – SIP Trunking’s streamlined architecture provides more efficient and affordable access to powerful collaboration tools such as chat services, audio/video conferencing, application sharing, “find me follow me” technology and more.

Bandwidth Capacity

Now, with both voice and data being delivered over the Internet, your bandwidth, and the amount of information you can transfer through it, is more important than ever. If it takes hours to send information to your clients or they cannot understand you because of the poor quality of your voice, how does that help you? In this day and age, businesses need to share vast amounts of information quickly, making bandwidth capacity incredibly critical.

One way to ensure your bandwidth capacity is with SIP Trunking, which provides two main benefits when it comes to bandwidth.

First, your business doesn’t have to worry about lack of bandwidth capacity since SIP allows for dynamic scalability, meaning your bandwidth is able to expand along with your business needs.
In addition, SIP Trunking drastically simplifies your network with a single connection for voice and data, causing you to only have to back up one, rather than two, systems. It’s simple, but incredibility effective.

Cost Savings

SIP Trunking can also often deliver incredible savings in addition to enhancing your voice and bandwidth. In fact, because SIP is more of a “direct connection” to the Internet, you benefit from several key cost-saving benefits, including:

  • Substantially lower toll charges for long distance, International, and local access calls.
  • Reduction or elimination of many hardware-related costs associated with traditional Voice over IP solutions, such as managed gateway devices and T1 circuit cards.
  • Significantly reduced recurring monthly costs for separate voice and data circuits, since SIP carries voice and data over one connection.
  • Elimination of over-subscribing for voice – Traditional VoIP connections are often sold in standard packages that contain large numbers of “channels” that provide more bandwidth than a small business needs. SIP architecture allows companies to pay only for the bandwidth they use.
  • However, like all communications technology solutions, one size doesn’t fit all.  To truly maximize the potential for cost savings with SIP Trunking, it’s critical to work with a partner who can thoroughly analyze your existing communications infrastructure, understand your business’ workflow and goals, and design a customized SIP Trunking plan using the technology and service providers that fit the best.

At ETA, that’s exactly what we do. We work with you to thoroughly understand your technology needs and business objectives to design customized SIP Trunking solutions that help reduce costs while enhancing collaboration.

Want to learn more about how SIP Trunking can help your business?  Just contact us by clicking the “Reach Out Today!” form. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about SIP Trunking or other services that can help your business.