Let’s face it: It’s tough enough in this economy to stay profitable when things are running smoothly. So what happens when you lose access to business-critical resources like your phone system, voice and Internet service, and digital resources like company email & data?

Simple: Your ability to remain productive is reduced or eliminated, significantly impacting revenue and profit. That’s why ETA helps keep our customers up and running with business continuity solutions designed to protect these three critical technologies.

  1. Business Phone System. Most companies take their phone system for granted – Until it goes down.  ETA helps design solutions that protect against a wide range of outage threats, from power surges and blackouts to equipment failures.  And with our MyWay™ managed services program, customers can take advantage of the latest technology available, without the financial burdens and ongoing maintenance concerns of ownership.
  2. Voice and Internet Service.  Interruptions in your ability to make and receive phone calls and access the Internet are usually sudden and take a long time to fix.  That’s why we implement communications continuity solutions that enable you to operate seamlessly during an outage.  Whether it’s secondary dial-up lines or services like automatic call re-routing and high-speed wireless Internet connectivity, we work with you to customize a solution that covers all your communications needs.
  3. Digital Resources.  The ability to send and receive company email and access your vital data isn’t just a “nice-to-have” these days: It’s necessary to keep your business running.  ETA’s PoweredUp!™ suite of services delivers Enterprise-class email continuity and PC/Server data recovery at prices designed for smaller businesses.  Because these services are designed with the small to mid sized business in mind, there’s no expensive equipment to buy or maintain, or staff needed for administration.