In this tough economy where every dollar counts, weeding out “hidden” and extraneous costs is critical. That’s why we’re sharing two proven strategies that can help you avoid surprise charges and reduce unnecessary fees in your business communications budget.

Proactively contact your carrier services providers at least 4 months before your contracts expire.   In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you.  If you don’t give the 60-90 days’ notice most providers require to renew, cancel, or change your service, you could:

  • End up stuck in a month-to-month contract with prices up to double of what you pay now
  • Get locked into another long-term agreement that doesn’t address your needs – with hefty early cancellation fees
  • Miss out on new voice and data technology that could save your company money and enhance efficiency

ETA can help you make informed decisions about your carrier options with a communications audit.  We leverage our decades of industry expertise and master agent status with close to 20 leading carriers to help you understand the solutions that best fit your business and budget.

Determine which subscription-based communications services are costing you more than they’re worth.  We often find that companies pay thousands of dollars per month for basic communications services they could affordably own and easily manage. Web and audio conferencing is a common example.  Since most outsourced solutions charge hefty monthly per-user plus per-minute usage fees, in-house solutions can often pay for themselves in as little as 6-12 months. In fact, by financing the solution, companies can even generate positive cash flow while putting an end to long-term costs. Because they’re tailored to your specifications, in-house solutions also provide a high degree of flexibility not available with outsourced providers. ETA can help determine if you’re paying too much for “low maintenance” communications services with a consultative analysis.