From its humble beginning as a forum for programmers to share code with each other in the 1980s, the Internet evolved to become a vehicle where anyone could easily disseminate information and collaborate, regardless of geographical location.   Over the past few decades, the Internet has grown from a patchwork of individual networks used by a… Read More

We heard back in December 2013 that 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from individuals who made in-store purchases at Target.  To make things worse, on January 10, 2014, Target confirmed this statement while also adding that hackers stole personal information – including names, phone numbers, and email and mailing addresses –… Read More

Back in January of 2013, we created a list of three technology trends that we felt would be game-changers throughout the year. The first was the adoption of mobile technologies as the primary means of communication.  Users have found ways to mobilize just about everything in their lives, empowering them to be more productive, efficient… Read More