A packed house of ETA’s most long term strategic partners and one of the telecommunication industry’s most highly sought-after speakers were brought together on Thursday, October 24th, for “A Very Special LINC Learning.”  The event began with an informative overview of Cloud Technology from the perspective of Andrew Pryfogle, SVP & GM of Cloud Services & Complex Bids of Intelisys, the nation’s leading business technology services distributor.

Pryfogle’s “Why Cloud Now?” presentation provided a great deal of insight into the “here and now” and future of Cloud technology, specifically how performance, maintenance, speed, and storage capacity can improve with the right Cloud solutions.

The discussion began with this bold statement from Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company: “Those Solution Providers who understand the need to transform their business models and embrace the opportunity for recurring revenue streams will surely succeed, and those who don’t will struggle to survive.”  While Pryfogle believed this statement to be a bit exaggerated, he agreed that Cloud is becoming a necessity and even noted that “Cloud will represent the largest transfer of wealth since the Internet.” 

After conducting a round table discussion with the audience that addressed possible customer concerns with the Cloud, such as security, cost, and loss of control, Pryfogle stressed the importance of educating customers about services made available within the Cloud, such as IaaS, DaaS, and DRaaS, while also helping them create a Cloud strategy that best fits their particular business.

After being treated to an extensive and delicious free lunch, ETA’s partners also had the privilege to hear Christopher Dekowski, Partner Sales Manager of Comcast Business, discuss how Comcast is enabling Cloud-based applications via its comprehensive suite of high-bandwidth carrier services solutions.  Partners left the event with a better understanding about the relevance and capabilities of Cloud technology “as a service” in today’s business world.