Throughout Joe Maddon’s managerial career, his consistent success has often been accompanied by his unconventional style.

He’s known for hosting team-themed road trips to Miami where his players donned pink flamingo colored leisure suits. He nixed mainstay training rules in favor of a “just show up for the game as you did while playing American Legion ball” policy.

When you boil it down, Maddon motivated the Chicago Cubs to win the 2016 World Series with the philosophy of finding comfort in the uncomfortable.

And I think that’s great.

Throwing Out the Playbook

As Expert Technology Associates (ETA) closes out 2016 as the most profitable year in our history, we’re going to get plenty uncomfortable in 2017. Especially me.

I’m expanding my role in the company by taking over and eliminating our traditional sales department. With this cultural shift, my goal is to create the ultimate customer experience that sets the standard in the technology broker industry.

ETA’s customer experience will now incorporate three tiers – business development; process, improvement, and research; and concierge service.

Tier 1: Business Development

A sales department is no longer a part of ETA’s business plan. Education and partnerships are now in our DNA.

No organization can do everything by itself. So, in 2017, alliances will become a powerful means of enriching the solutions and value we provide our customers.

Our team will be masters of:

  • figuring out what technology concerns keep you up at night
  • identifying the technology needs most important to you and your company
  • improving your access to new markets and technology partners
  • growing our own knowledge and capabilities

Since 2001, we’ve extended our core competencies by entering into relationships with organizations that have capabilities that complement ours. By leverage them for you, the client, we will provide the best value upfront and ongoing.

Tier 2: Process, Improvement, and Research

For years, ETA has been recruiting the best engineers and subject matter experts in the industry to create a solution strategy exclusively for you. And now we’ve got them. Because of them, ETA is bringing you our Proof is in the Process.

This proprietary process simplifies the maze of technology choices available for each industry.

After selecting the right methods and vendors, our team validates each proposal through proof of concept and ROI analysis. This allows us to ensure that you get the right solutions and best prices from the start.

Tier 3: Concierge Service

A premier concierge takes pride in orchestrating memorable experiences for their guests. With our new customer experience model, ETA will treat clients as guests are treated at a five-star hotel.

Our newly implemented account management team has a concierge mindset.

They will constantly work with you to improve upon what you want to achieve and how technology can help you achieve it. If something isn’t as you expected, we will be right there to fix it.

If we are true to our model, you should rarely have to pick up the phone to call us because we will be checking in regularly to make certain everything exceeds your expectations.

Don’t Rest on Yesterday’s Success

Like the Chicago Cubs, ETA is creating its own playbook. It would be easy to continue to comfortably coast on last year’s wins, but that’s not good enough. We’re blazing new trails inspired by innovation.

Watch out 2017.