In this recorded Expert Technology Associates Webinar, part of ETA’s “Communications Technology Education” series, an ongoing program of online and “live” seminars designed to help you cut through the hype of emerging technology and truly understand its real risks, benefits, and other implications, we covered how your business can harness data center decentralization strategies to help:

  • Optimize the resiliency and flexibility of your IT resources by enabling the fastest development time for new applications, providing the broadest support for various operating systems, and delivering the ability to support production-level applications on- and off-premise as needed
  • Cut hardware and operational costs by up to 50% by letting fewer servers do the work that many previously performed
  • Maximize the efficiency of IT resources and staff by condensing your physical data center and making voice management tasks simpler – Allowing your IT team to spend more time innovating rather than playing catch-up
  • Reduce ongoing expenses by minimizing energy consumption and server provisioning costs