Filing cabinets and stacks of paper now give way to computers that store and manage information electronically. Even more, today’s internet-based communications allow us to share this information across time and space with the push of a button.

ETA can help you streamline your process, and reduce inefficient clutter, with a software-defined networking (SD) wide area network (WAN) solution. A key function of an SD-WAN is that it allows companies to build higher performance networks using lower cost internet access, enabling businesses to replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies.

That’s connectivity. And that’s just one more way, ETA makes integrated business communications work for you. Contact us to learn more.



Ethernet is the most utilized local area network (LAN) technology today. It’s link layer protocol lets networked devices format data for transmission to other network devices on the same network, and puts that data out on the network connection.

It also helps reduce the need for capital outlay, makes your LAN/WAN resources more efficient, and provides incremental bandwidth options so you only purchase the bandwidth you need.

    • Ethernet LAN Service allows multiple locations to connect at 10Meg, 100Meg or GigE speeds, thus the term ELAN since these are typical LAN speeds. This service type is ideal for intra-company voice and for companies needing any-to-any connectivity at native LAN speeds.
    • Ethernet Private Line is a point-to-point Ethernet connection, such as from one location to another. Ethernet Private Line is good for businesses that require a secure, dedicated end-to-end LAN connectivity solution.
    • Ethernet Virtual Private Line provides a one-to-many connection, allowing businesses to pick varying increments of bandwidth. Typically, the bandwidth is in 1Meg increments, so that a customer can purchase the speeds they need at each location.
    • Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is a revolutionary service that allows you to get the benefits of carrier-grade Ethernet over traditional analog lines. It’s perfect for companies that don’t want to completely “rip and replace” their current analog infrastructure but need better, faster voice & data services.
  • Business-Class Cable Internet, Phone and TV services: Cable Internet and Voice are a great way for small businesses to get cost-effective, high bandwidth connections. Because the cost is so low, it’s also a great backup Internet service for businesses of all sizes.
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking: SIP allows businesses to send voice and data traffic, both internally and externally, over the Internet instead of the regular telephone network.



The T1 carrier is the most commonly used digital transmission service in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Originally having used copper wire, T1 carriers now include optical and wireless media. It is the gold-standard solution for longer distance transmissions between cities.

ETA offers a full range of T1 services, including:

    • DS3 is the ultimate super-fast T1 service, providing up to 45 MBPS of throughput as opposed to 1.5 MBPS of standard T1s.
    • NxT1 is an elegant T1 solution that allows up to 6 T1s to be bonded, and provides high speed, reliable voice & data service. This solution can also potentially offer substantial cost savings over services with comparable bandwidth.
    • Dynamic T1 utilizes advanced logic that allows you to carry voice and data on the same circuit. This method can deliver significant cost savings and operating efficiencies. It also allows you to prioritize voice traffic over data, ensuring call quality remains clear all the time.
    • T1 (Primary Rate Interface) PRI is a way of delivering faster, enhanced voice traffic over a T1 circuit. What this means for you is more features at a more competitive price with greater flexibility. It offers a simple, cost effective way to get features such as hunt groups, Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers – or extensions- for each employee, call tracking and reporting, outgoing Caller ID and more.