Machine-to-machine attacks, headless worms, ghost ware, two-faced malware, and jail breaking are terms that incite panic in even the giants of industry.

That’s because, no one is safe from a cyber attack.

Penetration Testing

With our enterprise-class cyber security program, ETA consultants conduct penetration tests that identify your company’s security deficiencies and provide an analysis of the impact a breach would have on your business.

By mimicking cyber attacks, our analysts exploit your network to find external weaknesses and create solutions so they never actually happen.

After, ETA experts deliver customized security training that raises your personal threat awareness. We then provide insight into potential cyber-enabled corporate crimes. And lastly, we deploy mitigation techniques that keep you, your clients, and your sensitive information safe.

Information Risk Audits

To complement our penetration testing, ETA providers offer information risk audits. Through strategic partnerships, we bring our clients unmatched analysis and assessment techniques that are utilized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command (US DoD).

This 99-point audit includes onsite interviews with personnel, network testing, a review of security materials, and examination of the processes that silently make you vulnerable. Upon concluding the audit, we present corrective risk mitigation tactics and strengthen your current security posture.

Cyber attacks can happen at any time, so click here to fortify your cyber security with ETA today.