As important as the internet is for accessing information, it’s essential for delivering VoIP. With this, the stakes are even greater when it comes to maintaining your business’ continuous connectivity.

At ETA, we’ve got you covered. Our founding partners cut their teeth during VoIP revolution over thirty years ago. And, we’ve been helping revolutionize the business ever since.

By combining multiple internet links – like T1, DSL, cable, 3G/4G wireless – to aggregate bandwidth and load balance, we keep you and your clients in constant touch. Plus, the redundancy adds another layer of protection with automatic failover across all connections for both outbound and inbound traffic.

Another benefit of ETA’s load balancing and automatic failover is a greater end-user experience for our clients and their constituents. By allowing visitors to enter your servers through myriad internet links, you offer them faster response times and speed for hosting email, ecommerce, and other vital business applications.

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