ETA’s founders were at the forefront of the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) revolution. So, we take great pride in providing the highest quality business phone systems for every type of business. From small business phone systems to large call center services, our hosted PBX and Session Initiating Protocol (SIP) Trunking can save your business more than half on phone system and service costs.

You’ll also enjoy the many benefits of knowing that you can leave the responsibility of your advanced telecommunications system operations to your business VoIP provider while you handle other important business matters. Additionally, a business VoIP service lets you:

  • Create flexible business hours. You can virtually work whatever hours you choose, from any location. With one designated telephone extension, clients can reach you wherever you are by calling one number.
  • Telecommute with easier functionality. With a hosted PBX from the cloud, your system can quickly connect you domestically and internationally with another office or people within your own organization. By dialing a single extension, you can quickly be in touch with Philadelphia or Milan.
  • Have multiple phone numbers. ETA works with business VoIP providers to supply additional phone numbers to service subscribers, free of charge or for a nominal fee. We can help secure virtual extensions, virtual faxing options and toll-free number, ensuring that VoIP system optimizes your total business communications experience.