From its humble beginning as a forum for programmers to share code with each other in the 1980s, the Internet evolved to become a vehicle where anyone could easily disseminate information and collaborate, regardless of geographical location.   Over the past few decades, the Internet has grown from a patchwork of individual networks used by a… Read More

We heard back in December 2013 that 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from individuals who made in-store purchases at Target.  To make things worse, on January 10, 2014, Target confirmed this statement while also adding that hackers stole personal information – including names, phone numbers, and email and mailing addresses –… Read More

  Over the past few years, “The Cloud” has revolutionized the business communications marketplace. While many businesses once avoided Cloud-based VoIP due to concerns about reliability, call quality and functionality limitations, it has now become the delivery model many organizations view as their first choice when evaluating a new solution.   However, though Cloud-Based VoIP… Read More

The world of business technology has seen the rapid evolution of many products and services in the past few years, including virtualization, Cloud services and the expansion of different types of cabling infrastructure. As a result, businesses today now have a wide range of quality, cost-effective options to choose from when it comes to building… Read More

Cloud-based (Hosted) phone systems provide easy online administration, don’t require the installation of a server and are a cost-effective way for businesses to get rich VoIP functionality. And since the provider is responsible for ensuring system maintenance and upgrades are performed regularly and are in line with the latest in technology, these types of solutions… Read More

For such an important and popular service, MPLS is easily misunderstood by many. That’s why we wanted to provide you with some insight into how it works and why it’s such an important player in the voice and data world. What is MPLS? In order for companies with multiple locations to communicate and share information,… Read More

When shopping for an Internet connection, businesses often have to take many factors into account – budget, bandwidth, reliability, location, type of data traffic and more. Though this is challenging enough as it is, figuring out which type of connection is best for your business can be made even more difficult due to the overload… Read More

Network outages, viruses, power failures and other barriers to effective business communication happen. Not only do they impact your productivity and profit, but they are so sporadic and spontaneous that you can’t predict and prevent them all. But what you can do is prepare. Three critical points of contact that are important to prepare and… Read More

WiFi is everywhere. The fact that you can connect to the Internet while chomping down a Big Mac is a testament to how commonplace wireless networking has become. However, many businesses still haven’t made the leap to wireless, despite the obvious benefits – Mostly due to security concerns.  That’s understandable, considering there’s no shortage of horror… Read More

Let’s face it: It’s tough enough in this economy to stay profitable when things are running smoothly. So what happens when you lose access to business-critical resources like your phone system, voice and Internet service, and digital resources like company email & data? Simple: Your ability to remain productive is reduced or eliminated, significantly impacting revenue and profit. That’s… Read More