Cloud-based (Hosted) phone systems provide easy online administration, don’t require the installation of a server and are a cost-effective way for businesses to get rich VoIP functionality. And since the provider is responsible for ensuring system maintenance and upgrades are performed regularly and are in line with the latest in technology, these types of solutions are attractive to many.
But, as with any business critical application, there are best practices that should be followed when implementing a Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX solution. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, considerations is ensuring continuous, uninterrupted Internet uptime.

Why? Because your Cloud-based (Hosted) phone services are being delivered over the Internet and managed online by you. If your connection falters, so does your ability to make/receive calls and take advantage of UC (Unified Communications) functionalities.

So what’s the best practice for ensuring continuous Internet connectivity when it comes to Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX? There are two keys:

  • Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy – We can’t stress it enough. Rather than relying on one Internet connection, always make sure your business is connected to the outside world via multiple links. So when (not if) one connection fails, the other is still there to keep you up and running.
  • Load Balancing & Automatic Failover – To make your redundant connections work best for you, implement a load balancing and automatic failover solution. By balancing the data load between multiple connections, your resources are optimized and you’re proactively working to avoid overload. If your main connection does fail, automatic failover seamlessly transfers your data load over to the connection that is up and running.

At ETA, it’s our best practice to ensure our customers have continuous connectivity by making sure they have redundant (or backup) connections and by installing ETA’s Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™, which keeps your Internet connection up and running by transparently combining multiple Internet links (T1, DSL, Cable, 3G Wireless, etc.) to aggregate bandwidth, load balance and provide automatic failover across all connections for both outbound and inbound traffic. The failover with Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ is so seamless that some customers have experienced a brief connectivity outage without even knowing it until we informed them!

Regardless of whether it’s ETA’s Internet Uptime PoweredUp!™ or another service, the implementation of a load balancing and automatic failover solution is imperative to businesses with Cloud-based (Hosted) services and is what makes redundancy work so well.

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