Did you know that, according to industry experts, over 70% of business-critical data is stored in email*?  That makes it more crucial than ever to ensure you can retrieve historical messages whenever you need them.

But how do you retain years of vital messages without overloading your Exchange servers or relying on backup media that can take days to locate, restore, and manually search through?  And how can you be sure that the emails you need haven’t been deleted, altered, or changed?

Simple.  ETA’s Email Archiving PoweredUp!™ is a cost effective software-as-a-service solution that:

  • Automatically and securely stores the original copies of
    all sent and received emails, with no burden to your
    Exchange servers or internal storage systems
  • Eliminates end-user tampering, keeping your emails
    pristine in case of potential lawsuits and helping you
    stay compliant with regulations such as FINRA, PCI,
    HIPAA and SOX
  • Enables you to quickly find the exact emails you need
    using multiple search criteria including message &
    attachment content, sender, recipient, date range, etc.
  • Allows you to shrink your message stores to
    manageable sizes, enhancing server performance

ETA’s Email Archiving PoweredUp!™ delivers rapid ROI by helping you protect the integrity of your company’s email, remain compliant and enhance server performance by eliminating long-term in-house storage—All for one low monthly fee.  In fact, by reducing the time needed to find critical messages from days to minutes, many companies realize savings after their first few searches!

* Enterprise Strategy Group, “Digital Archiving: End User Survey and Market Forecast”