Today, Web and email attacks are fueled by a multi-million dollar industry employing thousands of highly skilled and educated hackers. Malware, spyware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, Denial of Service attacks, and rootkits are just a few of the weapons they use round the clock to assault your network, shut down your connectivity and pillage confidential information.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that your network’s security is impenetrable. So, to help you protect your network against the threats it faces, ETA’s Director of IT, Troy Sorzano, offers a few words of wisdom:

  1. Have Antivirus Security in Place
    Using antivirus security software is one of the most basic and necessary parts of network security. It scans your computer for certain patterns that indicate infection. Without it, you’re left completely unguarded.

One way to take antivirus security to the next level is to apply it at the gateway, like we do here at ETA. Traditional antivirus software only works on your physical computer, but gateway antivirus security starts scanning before anything even gets onto your computer. It’s double the protection – scanning both at the entry way to your computer and on your computer.

  1. Employ Web/URL Filtering
    Although it sounds trivial, adding Web/URL Filtering to your network security system is an integral part of keeping viruses, spyware and other threats at bay. With customizable filtering, you’re able to decide which websites your employees can and can’t access, and you benefit from automatic protection against “typo scam” URLs.

One thing that Web/URL Filtering allows ETA to do is run reports that analyze users’ activity and take into account each person’s top utilized websites. This not only provides protection, but it can also boost productivity by allowing you to analyze how workers are using their time and, if necessary, address time-wasting sites.

  1. Don’t Rely on Just One Internet Connection
    Although Internet downtime isn’t an attack like a virus or Trojan horse, it is still a threat because it affects your ability to do business. That’s why you need to be prepared in case an Internet outage occurs at the worst possible time.

When it comes to our Network Security service, we make sure Internet connectivity can be automatically rerouted to keep you up and running in the case of an outage. For additional resiliency, a broadband wireless can be used for an additional failover measure.

These three methods are just a few of the actions you can take to prevent your network from Web threats, email attacks and other breaches of security. If you have multiple sites or a virtual private network (VPN), additional measures, such as Token-Based Authentication or Secure Communication Channels may be beneficial to your business.

At ETA, we provide many of our over 1,800 customers with these very programs. Our Network Security PoweredUp!TM was specifically created to address security issues such as Web threats, content control and outages.

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