Never let faulty business technology ruin your great buzz… That’s right, your buzz – your reputation. You’ve worked hard for it. But when computer glitches flair up, or telephone functions stop functioning, clients and potential clients can misread your level of competence. When you work with ETA, you have a partner in protecting your… Read More

Cómo Se Dice, ‘Expense Reduction’? How do you say ‘expense reduction’ using business technology?   Everyday business people may not understand all the techno lingo of the IT world. What they do understand is that reducing expenses, using technology, can beef up the bottom-line and boost productivity. But, if you can’t speak the language, how… Read More

In collaboration with their clients, Relocation Strategies “moveologists” budget, plan, and execute all aspects of moving a business. Their client, EducationWorks, needed a company to assess the technology portion of their move as they were undergoing a change in leadership and culture. They were uncertain at the time what their short and long-term technology needs… Read More

When you partner with Expert Technology Associates, you get the whole package. When your project moves into the “complete” stage, we offer support services from our Help Desk for as long as you are a customer. As you can see by the below client situations and comments, they love working with our team. Philadelphia Macaroni… Read More

On Saturday, September 24, Team ETA participated in the MS City to Shore Ride for the 11th year. Thanks to everyone who supported our team in our efforts to raise funds for the National MS Society. Team ETA raised $6,960 in total, beating our goal of $6,000! We would not be able to make this… Read More

Four servers board a westbound train heading for Detroit. It’s 573 miles to Detroit and the train travels 55 miles an hour. The train makes 17 stops for 6 minutes each. At which point will the train crash and bring down our entire network? That’s the word problem constantly in the heads of most IT… Read More

As a healthcare organization, have you recently analyzed your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans? Are you confident that your Electronic Healthcare Records can be available under any circumstance? If not, our partner, Eric Rios of KPInterface, can help.Eric’s specialty lies within the healthcare industry. As the former CIO at Greater Philadelphia Health Action, and… Read More

Mobile data is essential in this day and age. Texts, emails, alerts, and social media are all at our fingertips, making mobile an important tool for all kinds of businesses. However, while the amount of function usage increases, data plans get more and more complicated. Many people end up changing companies or joining new plans,… Read More

Welcome back to our blog series, Inside ETA! In our last post you learned about our partnership with BCA members, and today you’ll be reading stories from two of our Project Managers (PMs), Ed Cawley and Mark Wallace. When you team up with Expert Technology Associates, you receive a Project Manager who acts as the… Read More