Expert Technology Associates has partnered with Philadelphia based cybersecurity consulting firm, Layer 8 Security to offer companies the advantage of an enterprise class cyber program, delivered as a service, in a truly cost effective manner.  Cybersecurity is a people problem, not just a technology problem. The Layer 8 Security philosophy is that to be effectively managed, cybersecurity needs to be approached at the human layer where business processes and technology intersect. As the cyber threats evolve in sophistication, so must the defenses of companies, starting with its people.

Businesses need the proper processes, policies, and training to use the technology in a way that empowers an organization. Layer 8 Security delivers security training customized for the client to raise personal threat awareness, provide insight into cyber-enabled corporate crimes, and explain mitigation techniques they can employ in a variety of settings

In order to help a company identify their weaknesses, Layer 8 Security offers penetration testing. This testing provides for the identification of security deficiencies and the analysis of their impact on the business. By mimicking cyber-attacks, Layer 8 Security analysts exploit your network to find external weaknesses, prioritize potential risks, and provide suggestions on how to cost effectively ensure sensitive information is secure.

To pair with the penetration testing, Layer 8 Security also offers Information Risk Audits. The quality of analysis in their audit is unmatched. The analysis and assessment techniques utilized come from military services and agencies, such as the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command. This 99-point audit will result in recommendations (corrective risk mitigation methods, actions, and tools) to strengthen the client’s current information security posture. The audit will include onsite interviews, network testing, review of materials and examinations at client’s corporate office location(s), as well as a review of people, processes, and technology as they relate to the information security measures of the company.

With its executive experience and expert knowledge of information technology, business modeling, and cyber policy and governance, Layer 8 Security is equipped to empower businesses of all types. Contact Expert Technology Associates today to set up a 45 minute Executive Overview with the Layer 8 Security team. Expert Technology Associates and Layer 8 Security will sit down with you to review the benefits and costs of these services.

  • Information Risk Assessment
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Campaign
  • Breach Response
  • Training and Education
  • War-gaming
  • Strategic Operational & Governance Planning

Major changes can affect your resiliency. Contact us now if you have concerns about:

  • Concerns about Information Security
  • Major Network Changes
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • „„Change of Physical Location
  • Cloud Migration
  • Regulatory Compliance – PCI, HIPAA, etc.