Four servers board a westbound train heading for Detroit. It’s 573 miles to Detroit and the train travels 55 miles an hour. The train makes 17 stops for 6 minutes each. At which point will the train crash and bring down our entire network? That’s the word problem constantly in the heads of most IT Administrators as the lifespan of a computer is not an exact science. IT Administrators strive to get the most use possible out of servers, but also to retire them before they decide to retire themselves.  

At Expert Technology Associates, we don’t just recommend plans of action to clients, we also take our own advice and are constantly evaluating our systems to see where improvements and cost savings can be made. As we planned our IT initiatives in early 2016, it was clear that our virtual server infrastructure needed to be addressed.

After careful research and planning, our current needs and usage were taken into account along with our future plans and projected growth. The interoperability and compatibilities of all of our moving parts had to be carried forward onto the new system, while also building the framework needed for the future.

Once the planning and preparations were complete, it was time to put the migration strategy in motion. Hours and hours of getting ready boiled down to one long day of hard work. Within one day, the entire virtual network was taken offline and migrated to our new systems.

When the work was complete, 29 servers now had a newer, faster, and bigger home.  Faster hard drives, quicker processors, and double the memory. The migration has also allowed us to replace 4 aging servers with 2 more energy efficient servers. Our power usage has lowered, our backup battery life has extended, and our air conditioners have less to cool.

As we say at Expert Technology Associates, the proof is in the process. We trust our process with our own technology.

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