JT here with a tip from the ETA Help Desk!I am sure many of you are already leveraging the powerful features that are made available through Mitel’s MiCollab (formerly known as Unified Communicator Advanced, or UCA) to manage your presence and collaborate with colleagues. My favorite feature within Mitel’s MiCollab would have to be the Launch Pad.  For any of you that are unaware, the Launch Pad can be used to create shortcuts to access frequently dialed numbers, navigate Web addresses, open an application, or explore a folder on your computer.


As a long-time Help Desk technician here at ETA, I find it invaluable to store the repair hotlines of our various Carrier and PBX partners within my Launch Pad.  In fact, I have even created groups to organize these hotlines making it easier to quickly find the correct point of contact.

Creating a Group – Right-click anywhere within your Launch Pad, and select “Add Group”

Creating a Subgroup – Open a group using the down arrow, and right-click within that space and select “Add Group”

Moving Content Between Groups – Left-click on the content that you want to move and drag it over to the appropriate group

I created a group called “Carrier” and within this group I created sub-groups for each individual carrier.  As you can see below, I have used one of these sub-groups, Windstream, to build shortcuts to their priority repair line, their online portal, and even a shortcut to their “Agent Chat” function:

Document Shortcuts

I have also been utilizing my Launch Pad to quickly access important documents.

Creating a shortcut to a document –

  • Right-click anywhere within your Launch Pad and select “Add an Application”
  • Give this document a shortcut Name, and then “Browse” for the document (Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, PDF, etc.) on your device
  • Once these two fields are complete, select the “Add” button

As you can see in the image below, I have created shortcuts within my PBX subgroup that route to two PDF files that I frequently use, the “Message Print Manual” and the “5.1 Installation Manual.”

I hope you find these tips to be helpful!

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