As a healthcare organization, have you recently analyzed your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans? Are you confident that your Electronic Healthcare Records can be available under any circumstance? If not, our partner, Eric Rios of KPInterface, can help.Eric’s specialty lies within the healthcare industry. As the former CIO at Greater Philadelphia Health Action, and the former Director of Infrastructure at Keystone Mercy Health Plan, he has many years of experience identifying and serving the specific needs of healthcare companies. At Greater Philadelphia Health Action, he led the IT team at one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers in the country. He currently serves as the KPInterface Virtual CIO (vCIO), focusing on the healthcare vertical.

Eric is an expert in business leadership and operational management. As a vCIO, he collaborates with and advises your IT department and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO, but for a fraction of the cost. He assists KPInterface’s clients with strategic IT direction and business management consulting. These duties include formulating strategic IT goals, planning IT budgets, analyzing and reworking business processes, and facilitating technology changes. With his strong knowledge of the healthcare industry, he has been a great asset to the local industry and Expert Technology Associates.

Dale Johnson, former CFO of Ampla Health, met Eric at a healthcare conference and quickly saw how Eric could help grow and redirect their business. Dale says, “Eric was the only true IT person there. It was evident that he knew what he was talking about and he knew how to talk about it in a way that non-tech people could understand it.”

“I spent time with him and had follow up conversations. It was clear we needed his expertise at Ampla Health. Once we had the particulars laid out of Eric’s role as the vCIO, Ampla Health really started to see the difference in the day to day business. By having someone who knew the business, it made a huge difference in our strategic planning and ensuring we have the right skill set in the IT department. When Eric worked on projects, he did not hand it off and step back once it was in motion. He took ownership and kept me informed of the progress.”

Dale loved his experience with a vCIO and Eric. He says that, “even though Eric is virtual, he did not seem virtual. He functioned as a normal staff member and took part in internal and external meetings.”

The team at Welsh Mountain Medical & Dental Center had a similar experience with Eric as their vCIO.
When they were connected with Eric, it was perfect timing for them. They needed to upgrade their systems, but they did not have access to someone with the high level of experience that Eric has.  

Healthcare is all about data and collecting data to produce better outcomes. With four locations, it was crucial that all sites were connecting properly. Eric utilized his resources at Expert Technology Associates to assist with the connectivity piece of the project.

After migrating them to a new system, Eric’s role has not diminished. With a project of this nature, more services were needed upfront, but Welsh Mountain Medical will be looking to Eric for continued support.

“We didn’t have the technical expertise for this type of project, making Eric’s services priceless. His guidance has led us a very long way and we know that he will continue to make sure our decisions moving forward are in our best interest.”

When employing a vCIO, especially in the healthcare vertical, you have access to a database of industry specific knowledge and a wider range of services. Contact us today at for more information about partnering with a vCIO.