Mobile data is essential in this day and age. Texts, emails, alerts, and social media are all at our fingertips, making mobile an important tool for all kinds of businesses. However, while the amount of function usage increases, data plans get more and more complicated. Many people end up changing companies or joining new plans, trying to find the best fit.
Carriers tweak their plan structures every six to twelve months, which allows room for improvement for customers. If you aren’t aware of the changes (or you don’t have time to apply them), our partner, Apella Group, can step in.

Our long-term, good-standing client, GreeneTweed, had a lot of questions about their carrier plan. When we talked to GreeneTweed, we saw an opportunity to connect them with Apella to discuss carrier savings. It all started with one conversation!

Apella Finds A Solution

The two companies got together and talked about how Apella’s program works and how GreeneTweed could benefit from the partnership. Within 72 hours of the request, Apella completed an initial review of the information, asking, “Is there an opportunity to help this client?” and the answer was: absolutely. Less than a week after the initial review, Apella presented a summary of GreeneTweed’s current carrier plan, and what they believe to be an ideal plan moving forward. Because of their carrier knowledge and thorough process, Apella was able to go back to the carriers and execute the plan within a 30-day timeline of the initial request.

Essentially, GreeneTweed was still on an older mobile plan, and suspected they were missing out on savings from new plans being offered. They didn’t know how – and how much was needed – to execute a new plan. Apella was able to bring those skills to the table. The task of monitoring plans and mobile usage requires a lot of attention, work, and tweaking every month.

When GreeneTweed teamed up with Apella, they were able to get from point A to point B much more quickly and cost-effectively than if had they acted alone. Apella was able to offer them dedicated resources to work as their advocates which led to some staggering results:

From day one, they were able to reduce GreeneTweed’s monthly mobile spend by $1,000.
As the project moved forward, more savings were uncovered. Eventually, they were able to reduce their overall monthly costs by half.
The ongoing time now spent on this plan was reduced to less than 30 minutes per month.

Better Value, Better Service

Post project, Apella continues to audit their plans every month and make ongoing changes. Because of Apella’s constant monitoring, GreeneTweed doesn’t need to spend valuable time watching and evaluating plans, and they can trust that they are in good hands. Apella is able to offer an in depth look and scrutinize their account. When plans are due for renewal, Apella has full knowledge of the account as well as what new services are available, saving the client significant time and money.

Overall, the cost to hire Apella Group is minimal compared to what a company can save each month under their watchful eye.

As for ETA, we’re thrilled that we can bring our partners together. Keep up with our blog to read more success stories from our experts AND our partners!