In collaboration with their clients, Relocation Strategies “moveologists” budget, plan, and execute all aspects of moving a business. Their client, EducationWorks, needed a company to assess the technology portion of their move as they were undergoing a change in leadership and culture. They were uncertain at the time what their short and long-term technology needs would be.

EducationWorks wanted to ensure they were positioned for future growth and success, but they had an unreliable phone system that was not going to move well. Chad Naphegyi, Relocation Strategies Moveologist, went to work leveraging the network of qualified vendors he had established. He was looking for someone to come in, assess the situation, and make an actionable recommendation.

When Chad visited the ETA office, he was impressed with our values, company model, employees, and culture. Our way of doing business resonated with him as his company functions in a very similar way. After meeting with John Maylath, Account Executive, on a fact finding mission, John’s diligence on the backend and his consideration of the client’s needs and budget stood out to him. He was also impressed with the size of the team ETA mobilized to implement the recommendations.

Under Relocation Strategies’ project management, all three companies came together and executed a plan of action, resulting in a successful client move. Chad was impressed with “everything from John coming to the table and giving relevant recommendations in a good, better, best format to being able to tweak it to the operational budget. ETA was not trying to sell the client anything they didn’t need, but rather present a solution that can scale as they grow and change their culture to be more mobile. These projects can be unsuccessful without the correct support structure. There are many companies that sell the systems and then step back and don’t follow through. You guys hit it out of the park.”

When two companies have a vested interest in their client’s success it shows. Relocation Strategies is extremely pleased with ETA and how the project was carried out from start to finish. ETA is excited about the Relocation Strategies approach to their client projects. They keep all stakeholders in check, in sync, and efficient. ETA looks forward to the future potential of working together with Relocation Strategies.