At Expert Technology Associates, we’re all about building strong relationships and sharing remarkable stories. We don’t want to simply tell you what we do – we want to show you the real difference we’re making in our clients’ lives. That’s why we’re excited to start our new blog series, Inside ETA, where you’ll find firsthand accounts from our experts on the job. These stories will describe the kind of services we offer and, most importantly, the impact these services are making on the fantastic businesses we work with.Expert Technology Associates is a value-added reseller (VAR). A VAR is a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it(usually to end-users) as an integrated product or a complete “turn-key” solution. When a customer chooses a technology solution, rarely do they fully understand all of their options and resources. We want to challenge our potential customers to take a good hard look at who they’re currently working with and how they’re making technology decisions. We hope these stories resonate with you and give you an idea of what it would look like to team up with ETA!

To start us off, we have two stories submitted by Jim DiGiovanni. Jim has been with Expert for fifteen years – since our inception! He’s one of our data systems engineers. Check out two of Jim’s success stories – what does a data engineer’s life look like, and how do customers benefit?

  1. Client: Major law firm in South Jersey

    Challenge: Jim installed a firewall within two days of the signed order to prevent hackers from accessing their network and phone system.

    What Happened: A partner at a major law firm was not able to work remotely, and with help from their IT consultant and our tech Dave Weiss, we discovered their system was compromised via their Comcast Modem. Cyber hackers had attempted to gain entry into the network – yikes! There was no private VPN to allow key users to work remotely and use IP phones and access critical apps.

    Expert Response: Jim DiGiovanni, our Network Engineer, installed a Unified Threat Management tool within 24 hours, and created a private VPN for key leaders to work from anywhere. More importantly, measures are now in place to reduce threats and create a more efficient workplace environment. Cyber threats are real, and we had to act quickly to put in some prevention. Security is everything these days.

    IT Consultant Comments: I could have bought a simple Sonic, but Expert’s solution provided 24-hour monitoring and alerts for future intrusions. The project management was flawless, and the most impressive part was that it was all done in a week. Once installed, we could quickly open up for remote users. I have worked with lots of VARs in the past – by far Expert is at the top.

  2. Client: Large non-profit organization

    Challenge: The customer could not access their mission-critical billing platform for their virtual users, and this is their key application in running the non-profit. The Billing Platform was installed in the Cloud and a private tunnel to access application had not been created.

    Expert Response: In technical terms, Jim created site-to-site VPN tunnels to allow access from all Expert-managed locations to the cloud-billing server. He also configured the firewall to allow virtual office users access to the server. Knowing they had limited IT staff as a non-profit, and having the talent on staff, we stepped in and created the path and ability to use the application.

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Just another day in the life when your partner/VAR is one step ahead of you! Thanks for sharing these stories, Jim. Keep an eye out for more of our success stories – we have a bunch to share with you.