Welcome back! This is the second installment of our new blog series, Inside ETA, where we’ll be sharing real stories from our experts on the job. We want to show you firsthand what it’s like to team up with Expert Technology Associates, a value-added reseller (VAR). A VAR is a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it as an integrated product or a complete “turn-key” solution. If you don’t fully understand your company’s technology options and resources, it may be time to contact a VAR for some guidance.In our last post, you read Jim’s skillful responses to our clients’ technology challenges. In this post, you’ll be hearing from John Maylath, an Account Executive at ETA. John has been working for ETA since November of 2009, and he has some great stories to share with us today!

  1. Client: Remax- a real estate agency in Philadelphia

    Challenge: Short timeline, and needs to make a big decision ASAP
    What Happened: ETA is an active member of Business Clubs America (BCA), so we used its resources to partner with another BCA member to brainstorm social media tactics. A BCA partner saw ETA’s posts and asked to be connected because they had a short timeline to complete their office move.

    Client communication is critical at this growing company. They needed to know which technology solution would best meet their needs and quickly! She had quotes from three different companies that provided varying services, but it was difficult to evaluate them, let alone choose the best solution for her business. She was excited to know that we would be acting as her advocate and leveraging our experience to save her the time and energy of figuring it all out on her own, especially in time for their move.

    How was this resolved? John laid out a plan of what needed to be done and by when, and cared for all of the different technology pieces to help make the move happen. A call was set up for Tuesday, a conversation happened on Wednesday, and there was an in-person meeting on Friday to set the plan moving forward. All in the course of one week! John worked to identify everything from cabling, switches, firewalls, and phone service, to connectivity for the cloud and phone system, and needs within the phone service itself. ETA invested eight hours of collaborating with all of the parties involved to get the client the solutions she needed.

    By the end of the process, the client was overjoyed that we could take this off her plate. Now she can focus on the move and other important areas of her business. She says: “We ran into one issue with whether we needed a separate firewall. John has been very prompt and was able to give us options to help find the best fit for our business.” What’s more, John was “really helpful in understanding the quotes and technology.” That’s the kind of result you want from your technology expert!

  2. Client: Geno’s Steaks

    Challenge: Needed to set up and upgrade their phone system quickly
    What Happened: Once again, we were connected to Geno’s Steaks through the BCA. A BCA partner called ETA because Geno’s needed help with their technology ASAP! John met with Geno and his team to discuss the situation and determine what was needed.

    Following ETA’s process of discovery, John learned that Geno’s did not have a phone system in place. They had two or three phone lines and basic phones and wireless routers purchased from a retail store. They also needed access to video conferencing and an updated paging system from the office to the kitchen. They asked John for his opinion, and he recommended a business grade wireless router.

    Due to the nature and popularity of his business, Geno was analyzing all of his systems, including security. John pulled in more partners to help meet the business needs. Through ETA’s partnerships, Geno’s Steaks not only got phones, but also IT support, AV solutions, security, and monitoring, which are all necessary elements when you’re running a 24-hour business in the heart of Philadelphia.

    Geno needed upgrades to help with the whole picture, not just one area of the business. ETA was happy to step in and provide guidance, solutions, and connections to outside partners. This was definitely one of John’s more memorable meetings.

Thanks for your hard work, John, and thank you to our clients who give us these valuable opportunities to help them out!

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