When you partner with Expert Technology Associates, you get the whole package. When your project moves into the “complete” stage, we offer support services from our Help Desk for as long as you are a customer. As you can see by the below client situations and comments, they love working with our team.

Philadelphia Macaroni Company

When Philadelphia Macaroni Company had a power issue, they thankfully had a failover plan in place with ETA. When power issue occurred, their phone system automatically moved over to the backup connection. When the connection was back up and running, the phones didn’t come back on as they should have. Marek Balicky, a Data Systems Engineer, worked directly with the client to see what was preventing the switch back. Marek was able to adjust the link settings on the Edgemarc WAN port. Due to the power surge, the link settings on the Edgemarc were changed because of the new power cycle.
Bottom line: The client was down and running on their backup. With ETA’s help, they were able to restore the original circuit and move off the backup. With all of this happening, the client was never actually down because they had a plan in place.

Supply One

The client sent an email to the Help Desk and John Tessier, our Advanced Applications Specialist, picked up the ticket. The client was looking for someone who would be able to explain to her what the process is to set any given extension to have the ability to hit zero from their voicemail and be transferred to the operator. She had thought this feature had been set up, but she couldn’t locate it in the portal.

John wasted no time in getting back to her with a very thorough explanation of how to accomplish what she needed. The client was ecstatic that someone was able to help her so quickly. She was so pleased with the communication with John that she’s “asking him all of her questions from now on!”

These are just two examples out of many of our Help Desk going above and beyond. Thanks so much to our dedicated team that is here to help your day be less hectic!