Hello again! This is the third post in our new blog series, Inside ETA, where you’ll find success stories from our employees and clients each month. These stories are here to give you a better idea of what we do and how we’re helping our community.Last time you read about John’s work with Remax and Geno’s Steaks, and this time around you’ll be reading about our experiences with Direct Choice, Omnia Architect, and Kistler Tiffany. We connected with these wonderful companies through Business Clubs America (BCA), a national business development organization that focuses on building relationships and promoting member businesses within each locally managed market. ETA has been a part of the BCA for seven years, and it’s been a huge gift to our company. We have made so many valuable relationships with other BCA members, such as:

  • American Executive Centers
  • Commonwealth Agency
  • Czarstar
  • Marcus Hook Pharmacy
  • McMahon Auto
  • Philadelphia Soul
  • Spike’s Trophies
  • Synergema

And more! These businesses will be featured at a later date. Now, without further ado, here are a few stories featuring three of our BCA friends!

  1. Client: Direct Choice

    Challenge: They needed to make updates for compliancy in order to attract and close a large healthcare contract with a major provider- Proving technology solutions can be an investment if acquired, implemented, and managed correctly.

    Solution: We connected them to a high level expert who could provide penetration testing and a level of security to satisfy the customer request. Direct Choice closed other opportunities leveraging the same technology investment. Now the expert is keeping up with security and compliancy, while leveraging our endless and highly qualified connections. He was able to mitigate threats, close business, and win new business. In total they needed an internal risk assessment and pen test in order to meet the requirements of their healthcare client, and they leaned on us to make a recommendation. We suggested Layer 8 to run tests for them, which saved them money over their previous supplier. They received two more clients after that, thanks to their new connection and security features. Ongoing training and security are top priorities now! That’s incredibly important for a business in this day and age.

  2. Client: Omnia Architect

    Challenge: Needed better connectivity through the cloud for remote working options

    Solution: ETA had evaluated connectivity, cloud, and IT services a year ago, and even though our vendor recommendation was not the owner’s first choice, our information allowed him to get a better deal with the vendor he chose. One of the owners wanted to move to New York and we began looking for a connection to his office in Horsham by using the Cloud. It took about a year for all of the pieces to fall into place. The owner is now living his dream in New York while running the business remotely. The total cost of ownership for the Cloud Solution was the same compared to the current budget, and everything was completed on schedule.
    Convenience, efficiency, and ease – these are the goals we aim for as your technology partner.

  3. Client: Kistler Tiffany

    Situation: We met the owners of Kistler Tiffany ten years ago. They moved their single location and went another direction for their telephone system, but they did give us some carrier business. Since then, that small service has grown into ETA handling all connectivity, dial tone, network, and email security. Right now we are in the process of updating their systems. Paul Weiss, a Senior Network Services Specialist at ETA, has maintained a longstanding relationship with Kistler Tiffany. They trust him 100%, and now the owner reaches out to Paul to double check on all of their technology potential projects. We help with all of the portions of business, even if we don’t own them. You can always count on Paul for a quick response and a quick resolution! Take it from the client:

    “Paul has helped us with other technology options. Paul has been a huge help with his recommendations.”

    “There are times that I will call ETA because I know you will handle it quickly and take it off my hands. You always work very well with my other technology vendors.”

We’d like to offer a big thank you to BCA for making these connections possible! We have met so many fantastic people, and we’re excited to meet more BCA members in the future. If you’re interested in hearing more about ETA’s services, get in touch. Call (610) 828-0800 or email info@expertta.com for general information.