Welcome back to our blog series, Inside ETA! In our last post you learned about our partnership with BCA members, and today you’ll be reading stories from two of our Project Managers (PMs), Ed Cawley and Mark Wallace.

When you team up with Expert Technology Associates, you receive a Project Manager who acts as the go-between between you and your vendors. We’ve made a conscious effort to offer this service because not many companies offer PM services the way ETA does (and included in your cost!). When a deal is signed (and ETA is not involved), the client usually relies on the carrier to handle the PM piece. At ETA, PMs manage the project from start to finish. The PMs are responsible for keeping the project on track, they’re sensitive to the customer’s needs, and they consolidate information for the client in a format that’s easy to understand.

In a fast-paced industry, customers want effective communications and clear-cut facts – information without interruption. Less is more! That’s exactly what we aim to accomplish for all of our clients.

Story Time!

  1. Client: Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer, & Turchi/PM: Ed Cawley

    About: The client contact is a busy partner whose schedule would not allow him to participate in any project calls with Comcast. He asked Ed to act as his proxy in these meetings and report back to him. He wanted information without interruption! Their sites included multiple Comcast services over fiber in Center City Philadelphia and Sewell, New Jersey.

    Challenge: The client was having bandwidth problems that were affecting their calls and Internet. This was a result of carrier issues due to the growth of the business.

    Solution: We integrated our router to manipulate the carrier services. Without this, the carrier capabilities are limited and cannot provide as high of a quality of service. Rather than just adding more bandwidth, we offered a much more beneficial solution.

    The first phase of the project was installing a switch and eight new phones in Philadelphia to accommodate customer growth. The second phase was installing and activating Comcast Fiber Internet and EPL at both of the sites (which called for a lot of teamwork!). The final phase of the project was installing and porting the customer’s phone numbers to a new Comcast PRI (voice) at each site. ETA deployed Microtik routers in conjunction with Comcast services to fit this solution to the customer’s needs.

    In additional to Ed, Lori Dutter, the ETA carrier coordinator on the project, partnered with the customer to create a thoughtful, accurate line list. Lori worked closely with our tech team and the carrier team at each location to ensure success. She lead all of the post-cut troubleshooting, which involved our helpdesk, Comcast, and the customer. Lori is an integral member of the team! Her experience, coupled with her attention to detail, makes her the ultimate resource for our customers.

    Ed’s Comments: “This was something new and different for me. I enjoyed working on a new challenge. It was a smooth project and the client was happy. Working with Paul, we were able to deliver a solution of ETA managing our equipment with carrier services. This is where ETA comes in and shines by being able to offer so many additional services.”

    Client Comments: “First time working with Ed. Ed was great. He was professional and articulate, and always even-keeled. He was extremely responsive, kept me in the loop every step of the way, and was always quick to respond to emails with any information, even if just to say ‘I’m looking into it and will follow up with you.’ I liked that he did not leave me waiting for an answer or acknowledgement of receipt. Tremendous mistake not to have the PM layer to work as the go-between, since vendors may not be as responsive without them. I would rather work with ETA than the vendors directly. I enjoy working with Ed, John, Paul (sales), and the tech team.”

    The client loves how we present multiple options instead of pushing one solution, and he always gets the best deals while working with us. That’s our mission!

  1. Client: Utility Line Services/PM: Mark Wallace
    About: The client needed to open two sites (and may be adding a third site later), and they also needed their phone system hosted.

    Mark’s Comments: The customer was ecstatic with the work that ETA provided. Due to our level of service, they will be coming back to ETA when they are ready to open their third site. The client is very happy with the ETA team and how things went with their hosted PBX installs at the U.L.S. Egg Harbor and Conshohocken sites.

  1. Client: Pendle Hill/PM: Mark Wallace

    Challenge: ETA was contacted to upgrade their phone system. When we did a survey of the site, we learned that the site was a very large, campus environment.

    Solution: ETA brought in a partner to complete a re-cabling project of the entire site. The Pendle Hill team was very appreciative of our work, knowledge, and capabilities of evaluating and completing a project.

    Client Comments: “Hi Mark, Thanks for following up. We are really happy with our new phones, and have received lots of good feedback to date!  We’ve noted a few programmatic changes – and suspect we’ll come up with a few more – but will address those with Eileen at the Admin Training. Thanks so much. BTW, thank you for coordinating all of this, Mark. The weekly conference calls were especially helpful in keeping everything on track.”

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