“Any job you do is going to ‘have your fingerprints all over it’. That is why it is so important to take ownership of your job, any job you do, and really own it. Do it the best you can; do it the best it can be done. That is how you succeed.”-F. John Reh

When I first read the above quote I was intrigued instantly.  I had never thought about ‘fingerprints’ being used in this context before, and I quickly began thinking about ways that this concept could be applied to my daily life.

For any of you who don’t already know me, I am the Director of Strategic Alliances here at ETA, and I am in charge of the LINC program.  The main goal of the LINC program is to provide our partners with exemplary offerings, superior support, and expert training and guidance to enhance the relationships with their existing customers, while increasing revenue in the process.

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure to work with an abundance of customers, partners, and vendors in this industry.  Believe it or not, some of the most rewarding relationships I have built were not defined by what I was able to do for the client or partner, but instead by what fingerprints I was able to leave with them.

Today’s business world is saturated with an immense amount of advertising, marketing, and other sales tactics.  While I do believe that these efforts influence a consumer to a certain degree, the buying decision inevitably falls into the consumer’s lap.  The same holds true for our LINC partners.  Whether or not a LINC partner brings us business is a factor that we have no control over.  There is, however, one significant factor that we do have control over – the relationship.

Developing a relationship with a business partner is not as difficult as it sounds.  Whether it’s marketing advice, HR coaching, or any other “insider information” from the subject matter experts within your organization, partners will feel special knowing you are providing them with business insight that goes far beyond what they signed up for.  This will have them thinking that they can begin turning to you for other things, and before you know it, a relationship is born.

By putting energy and passion into your partners’ needs rather than just focusing on your own, you are leaving them with positive fingerprints that will last for a lifetime.  This is what “owning a job” and “doing it the best you can” truly means to me.