What is VoxNet and how can it benefit our customers? VoxNet specializes in providing businesses with exceptional and reliable voice and data services.  While this may sound pretty unoriginal, we are actually quite different than many other providers.  This is because we are a wholesale provider for multiple carrier services.  We started VoxNet six and a half years ago with the goal of  taking the carrier service burden away from our customers by offering them one vendor, one bill, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices. 
How does VoxNet play a role in our LINC Partner Program?

With VoxNet’s primary reseller being ETA, we care just as much about their LINC partners as they do.  In fact, we aim to provide ETA’s LINC partners with resources that work in conjunction with what they already do, rather than conflict or interfere with the products and services that they already provide their customers. 

VoxNet is a dynamic company that can provide a full range of services, from CLEC to cloud-based VoIP phone systems to managed services.  In doing this, we have taken control of the installation, billing, and customer service, while caring for any issues in a more direct and expedient matter.  This brings peace of mind to LINC partners because they know their customers are going to be partnered with a company that will provide them with continuous and long-term support of their voice and data services.  As far as commissions are concerned, VoxNet provides LINC partners with higher overall commissions that begin accruing the first day of service, unlike commissions which are built through individual carrier services. 
What improvements is VoxNet currently making to help our partners?

Our main concern at VoxNet is to ensure that we are constantly providing our customers with the latest technologies in the telecommunications world, whether that’s through product and service development within an existing platform or the evaluation of and eventual on-boarding of a new platform.  The development has not stopped there. 

We have spent a great deal of time actually considering ways we can help increase our partners’ bottom line.  One of the major shifts we have been working towards and expect to launch early next year is to allow certified partners to act as the installation entity for their UCC clients. By doing this, we are giving LINC partners the opportunity to receive the recurring commission they normally would, while also creating an additional revenue stream for partners. 

I think it’s also important to note that many of our LINC partners are not aware of the discounts they receive just for being a LINC partner.  We believe that the best way to educate our partners about the benefits surrounding a dynamic company such as VoxNet is by letting them to “live in it” themselves.  For that reason, we are providing a discount on all of our services (including our Cloud-Based phone systems) for those partners who want to utilize VoxNet in their own facilities.