As a customer, do you want support for your business VoIP phone system to be given in-person or remotely?  Here at ETA, we believe field service technicians and help desk technicians should both be made available to our customers.  This is because there are certain issues we can fix remotely, but other times the problem can only be solved when a technician is on site. My name is Steve Borzelleca, and I am a Help Desk Technician at ETA.  I basically fix any issues you may be having with your business communications platform, but I do everything remotely.  Before working as a Help Desk Technician, I was a Field Service Technician with ETA for 6 years. 

While I really enjoyed meeting in-person with our customers during my time as a Field Service Technician, I believe that fixing things remotely is a lot more effective.  For one, this method usually provides you, the customer, with a quicker, less expensive, support experience.  A Field Service Technician is only able to complete 4-5 requests a day, while most Help Desk Technicians are able to complete 7-8 requests a day. 

For our on-premise VoIP systems, ETA sets up a modem during installation that our help desk is then able to use in the future to remote into your platform. There are a number of problems that we’re able to fix remotely, with the majority of them being programming changes.  This may include simple things like changing the name on a phone, resetting a mailbox, or changing your greeting message.  If we provide your carrier services, we can also help you recover from carrier issues, such as the collapse of a T1 line or the failure of an inbound/outbound call. If we don’t provide you with your carrier services, we can at least help you determine whether or not the issue lies in the phone system or with the carrier. 

For Cloud-based VoIP systems, we can either log into the Web-based administration portal for programming issues or remotely login into the “edge” device that is put on-site to help diagnose carrier and network-related issues on your premise.

Providing remote support to on-premise VoIP customers who have a maintenance agreement with ETA allows us to not only provide a solution to their problem, but it also gives the customer the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to fix the issue by themselves in the future.  This service is included with the maintenance program at no additional cost.  

However, there are situations where I am unable to fix the job remotely.  These usually include hardware issues such as the replacement of cards, power supplies, or even the phones themselves.  For the most part, on-site support should only be used for large moves or high priority requests.   Customers love having this option available, especially when they may not have an IT technician on-site or if they are unable to explain the issue over the phone.  

On a final note, I suggest that you continue to use our Help Desk support by emailing us at  We will do our best to fix the problem remotely and will only resort to sending out a Field Service Technician upon request or when absolutely necessary.

Do you agree with Steve? Is remote support the way to go?