Do you really know who’s remotely accessing, saving, and manipulating your customers’ sensitive data and confidential company documents?  Sure, you have strong network password requirements and can monitor remote user access.  But how can you be sure the people who are using those IDs are really authorized users and not thieves looking to make a quick buck or disgruntled ex-employees out to sabotage your business?

Simple. With ETA’s Hosted Token-Based Authentication system, also known as 2-factor authentication, remote users must enter a unique PIN code they choose, a One-Time Password (OTP) they generate using a keychain-sized token device, and their standard Windows credentials to login to your network.  This enhanced, layered protection doesn’t just make good business sense—It’s sometimes required by regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX.

Since we manage the service for you, there’s no expensive equipment to buy or maintain, programming required, or staff needed for administration. ETA delivers full lifecycle support, including:

  • Initial token setup and configuration
  • Ongoing Help Desk support for end-user issues
  • Weekly reports delivered by our experts detailing all login activity
  • Deactivating lost or stolen tokens, or those still possessed by terminated employees

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