Instead of giving you insight into a specific technology or best practice as we normally do each month, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with insight into something else we’re very excited about – the technology we’re using here at ETA!

When it comes to running our company smoothly, ETA has the same needs and challenges as the rest of the business world. But, because of our line of business, we have the ability and access to test the latest and greatest in business communications technology. In fact, we even have a specific group of individuals – called the ETA Model Home Team – whose responsibility it is to evaluate, dissect, implement, install, and train our internal staff on how they can benefit from the new technologies that we offer to our customers.

So, when we discover features and services that make an immediate positive impact on how we operate, such as those that come with the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP) upgrade to version 5.0, we want to make sure we share them with you! When we recently upgraded our phone system from version 4.0 to 5.0, we instantly started taking advantage of its powerful new functionality, including:

  • The Meet-Me Conferencing feature, which now allows up to eight internal and/or external users to dial into a conference instead of being manually added by an internal user, as is the case when using the system’s traditional Ad Hoc Conferencing method.
  • Ad Hoc Conferencing, which can now be enabled to support up to eight-party conference calls and 20 total conference resources.
  • The Embedded Reporting feature – This system Administration & Diagnostics application allows the 5000 CP to collect statistical information and store it persistently across system shutdowns, resets, and software upgrades/downgrades. There is no programming required to support Embedded Reporting in the database.
  • The HotDesking feature allows users to temporarily turn other phones into their personalized extension, enabling them to maintain their personal identity and preferred phone configuration on whatever phone they’re using. This makes hotdesking ideal for businesses with employees who spend only part of their time in the office or who often travel from office to office.

This last feature, hotdesking, is one of the applications we’re most excited about since it eliminates users from being tied to one specific phone device. Now ETA employees can use any phone on the system by entering a hotdesk feature code, user ID and password. Once hotdesked into a phone, the device assumes all of the user’s custom settings and call routing attributes.

This is a perfect fit for us because, with our “Virtual Office” working environment, some ETA employees are only in the office part of the time. Now, these Virtual Office workers can easily set themselves up at almost any phone in the office when they do come in (even the kitchen phone if they wanted to) and not only receive calls, but also maintain their identity when making calls inside or outside the office as their name and number will show on these calls.

Though this was just a quick glance at a new upgrade that’s benefitting us, we hope it provides you with some insight into what’s going on over here at ETA and what kind of business communications applications are available.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of the features we talked about above, simply contact us by clicking on the “Reach Out Today!” form.